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Thursday, September 27, 2007

365 Days

Ever had one of those bookmarks that has scripture for you to read. You know a "Read the Bible in One Year" bookmark. You then say..." I am going to read the Bible through in a year!" You get all excited and read three days or more of the scripture at a time then all of a sudden you go over the end table and wipe away the dust from you Bible. You open it up and see the bookmark laying there with about 15 days marked off. It has been 15 since you last saw it. You spend the next two days saying tomorrow I will start reading God's Word again! How does that normally work out for you? It's okay most never finish using those. After all the early books of the Bible are not easy or that "fun" to read.So I know how you can get sort of burnt out on them. Yet they are just as important to us as the New Testament. We have to read our Bibles everyday.
I once heard it said this way...
"If your Bible could write a journal, what would it say?"
Would it say, another great day. I am getting all wrinkled up from the page turning I was put through today! Would it say, Hey weekend visitation is a start. Maybe it would say, fizzled again. My spine is stiff from laying around, my cover is dusty, and I think I was used for a coaster today.
Sadly most would say it was the second or third comment in that last paragraph. Our Bibles help us to read and understand God just a much prayer if not more. We learn of His past actions, His love, His Son, His prophecies, and His will for our lives. We see so many ways that God worked in peoples lives and we can then relate to things that God does in our lives by identifying the way He works.
Wren I didn't believe in God I would challenge His to do a miracle and prove to me that He was real. God did not always work in miracles in the Bible! Ever read Ruth or Ester? The way God worked in their lives is more like the way He works in my life. I would have never learned that if I had not read the Bible and studied it.
Reading the Bible from front to back is not hard. It just takes commitment. You will be seeing alot of that word around here (Blue Collar Blogger) because commitment to people, places, things, and God seem to be what I am learning tight now.You have to say I am going to do this and nothing is going to stop me. Use you bookmark, a devotional, or just flip to the last page for your Bible, look at the number at the top of bottom and divide them by 365. You will get the number of pages you have to read in a year to get through that. Can you really not read 2 to 3 pages a day?
How to read the Bible in Five Steps!
1. Pray for God to open you heart to His Word!
2. Open it up to a page of your choice!
3. Read the Bible
4. Meditate(think about what you read till it makes a difference).
5. Pray for understanding of what you just read and to use it.

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BigDadGib said...

Great post.

My dad and I did this several times.

Great blog too,

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