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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tennessee verse Florida

A game that is rich with tradition! No other Tennessee game hold as much as the Florida vs Tennessee came does. This one will prove to be no different.
Both Tennessee and Florida are trying to put together a defense that they can use effectively. Both teams lost over half of their starters from their defenses last year. Tennessee's young defense was ripped apart by California and almost by Southern Mississippi. They had noticeable improvement in the second half. You could really see the confidence growing in the second half against Southern Miss.
Florida had a 49 to 7 lead(may have been 42) going into half time. At the start of the second they were flat. Troy came back to end the game 31 to 59/ They still lost but the fact the Troy was able to score with such ease in the second has to make the Gators nervous.
Both teams appear productive on offense. Tennessee put up good numbers on offense in both outings. Ainge is 55-83 for 547, 5 TDs and 0 interceptions. Foster has 214 yards on 35 carries for 3 TDs. The entire rushing unit has massed up 304 yards on 66 carries (4.6 ypc. Our two top receivers are averaging 20.1(Taylor) and 11.5 (Rogers) yards a catch. Not bad considering we have played one currently top ten ranked team.
Florida is centered around Tim Tebow who is the key player in Urban Meyers Spread Offense. He is currently 31-42 for 536 and 6 TDs. He also has ran for 131 yards on 25 carries with Kestahn Moore running 31 times for 169 yards with 4 TDs. Florida has three receivers with 3 digit receiving yards and two more who are 2 and 5 yards from being in that club.
Special Teams is better at Florida. That is the edge in this game. Yeah Tebow numbers are better but they have yet to play anybody. We will see if they can still put up those numbers with an SEC opponent.
My prediction.... Toss up. You cannot predict this game. This is Florida and Tennessee! Florida seems to have the upper hand with home field and the special teams but falls short on the defense being challenged. If I had to pick I would just have to favor Tennessee because of the defenses arrival late last week against Southern Miss and 19 penalties by Florida in two games for 155 yards when compared to 9 by Tennessee for 80.

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