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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our First Execution Since 1960

Daryl Holton who admitted to killing his three young sons and step daughter in 1997 is set to die by the electric chair Wensday Morning at 1 A.M. Holton was suppost to be executed in February but it was delayed. Holton killed his children because his ex-wife had not let him see them in months.
Holton is not fighting the execution and refuses to sign papers from his attorneys or to even speak with them for the last couple of years. To me this shows that Holton is aware of what he did and willing to face the punishment. It is rare that you see a man who seems to be fighting to die. This will be the first execution we have had in 47 years. Pray that Holton has built a relationship with Jesus and is forgiven. He can be if he choses.

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