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Friday, September 7, 2007

Why wouldn't Jesus be in a pew every Sunday?

Maybe it is because he would only teach and w2ould never be lead?! Nah, Jesus was too humble to desire to always be the center of attention.
Maybe it is because He would be doing the books in the office?! I don't think so. He would probably give away the money that the church made(if any one knows where to find a church where they operate the same way that early church's did let me know. No lights, no air, no running water. I would go. I think that church could really do what they were meant to do with tithes).
Or just maybe He would be in the rec hall doing miracles?! Probably not my friend. Jesus main message was not about the miracles.
Picture this...
The choir is singing on key, the pastor speaks and the word rolls off of his tongue in only a way that god could let it. Your arms are raised, everyone is saying amen!You look out of the window to see this man eating with the homeless at a park table. He shares some laughs and then walks to the slide and catches the children at the bottom. His blissful smile is enough to make you want to go outside and play with the children. At that moment the pastor lets out a strong sentence on focusing on God. You realize that you need to pay attention to the message. Where is Jesus? I think you know.
Jesus is not the building, He is not the choir, the pastor, the hymn manual, or the stain glass above the baptism pool. He is not only preaching love but showing it. Jesus wouldn't be in the church because He would be out loving the lost and caring for the needy. If you want to find to Jesus you better start going to where He is. While He is everywhere, in everyone, showing love to all. We are not. We should be. We should be going those places that he went.
To visit the elderly,
Hang out with the homeless,
Write and visit inmates,
Give some one a ride.
To not do these things constitutes a sin. Oh yeah! You didn't know?! Go read Matthew again. See the words in red in the Sermon on the Mount? Read those again. To sin is to go against God. For us not to go ad do these things is a sin. There is no sin credited to you for missing church to go and love your fellow man. Get up out of your pews and go live the life Jesus did. Leave your AC behind to go and be with the undesirable in the most unwanted conditions. Go make children smile! Jesus would not be in the church because there is a big world out there that needs His love and that love should not be confined to a fortress of bricks.


Anonymous said...

well, Jesus' being consists of 100 percent man and 100 percent God. I believe Jesus would have been at church there buddy. Church is a form of encouragement that all humans long for. by saying that we need to be doing outreach more than church, makes people think they dont need to go to church. HELLO! church is about corporate worship and growth. Its about shaping relationships with others. it would be absolutely STUPID and i stress STUPID! thats like learning one thing about computers and working on them and then never learning again. time progresses. never going to church is like rotting in the pews. God gaves us those buildings for a reason. We are to use them. After the body has come together, then we can talk about outreach. if your church doenst do enough outreach...find a new one. youd be unintellegent not to. you can tell me that Christians grow even if they dont go to church...yep, they do...but Church is a place to learn and grow. if you are a Christian and never have the desire to fellowship with other christians...i, from my view point, start to doubt whether you are really a follower of Christ. and going to church on sunday mornings isnt going to build a relationship with someone. go alot. learn alot. especially if you desire to be a leader in the Church.

Blog Guy said...

I have no doubt that on occasion he would not stop in to listen to a sermon. If you really wanted to share the gospel to those who don't believe or have yet to accept it then you need to go to them.
The church that I attend does international outreach. I enjoy it. I believe that all churches could do alot more.
I believe that alot of good can come out of church. It is for worship. You learn you grow each Sunday then you do nothing.

"thats like learning one thing about computers and working on them and then never learning again."

I see going to church and learning about fellowship and then never going out and sharing it is the same has your quote above. In the Bible we see a handful of times where Jesus went into church. The rest of the time is in the streets fellowshipping with the people.
I am not talking about just letting the church doors close for good. I am saying one Sunday a month why not go into the neighborhood where you home church is located and reach out them. I heard a friend of mine say it best.
If you really want to reach them then go on Sunday around 10:30 and talk to them at their home. You know that if they are home then they are not in church.
I go to church and enjoy giving my time to Go to learn worship and have a little fellowship. Church is not my space. While it is nice to be in agreement I would trade that fellowship for the chance to talk to one person who is lost. Every chance I want to take to tell of Jesus.
Don't mistake the purpose of the post. The title is...
"Why wouldn't Jesus be in a pew every Sunday?"
The keyword in that sentence is "every". I think you are under the impression that I am saying to demolish the building we worship in. Nah, Nah! To take the gospel out of the church more often is the point of it.
Thanks for your comments and come back to visit again. However I do ask that you keep the sarcasm down to a minimum. I stress positive post and positive comments. Thanks again.