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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why we don't win wars...

..." you realize the US hasn't won a war since those changes(putting God's name in the pledge, on our money, and in our motto was the comments basis)? Maybe your god isn't too keen on his name being invoked like that."

This is a fraction of the comment that was left on one of my post. It made me think what was the last war that we dominated and why? It doesn't take long to find the answer. It was in the paper today.
Did you know that in the past our military would be composed of around 10 percent of our population? If not then you probably don't know that if you count all the military forces and the entire Department of of Homeland Security it will only make up 1 percent our population. The last time their was a war in which the people were involved was the Civil War!
The reason belong to us not enlisting and the draft. You had to get involved. However there is another big reason we are lacking in the war department. It is not from the troops. They are great. Spending! What?! but this war is so expensive?! I know. check this out...
In World War II we spend around 40 percent of our economic output on the war. In the last six years we have used(at the highest priced point of our wars) 5 Percent!
That is a stat to ponder on. We are lacking in the area of winning wars because we have not went all out.
Like it or not the numbers don't lie. We are playing conservative. Our economic input is around 14 trillion a year.We are now spending 650 billion dollars. It seems like a lot (well it is) but to the overall value it is small. If we spent 40 percent on this war we would spend just under around 7 trillion per year!
God never declared America his first love. We don't have any right to think that just because we say God bless America He will. If we want to win wars in God's name then we have to fork over the resources and we have to serve in our military. It all comes down to a lack of effort on our behalf. Why have we not won a war since God's name was placed on our moo-la? Because we have tried to keep it for our own and refused to go all out. 1 percent of our population could not have beaten the German's. Five percent of our money could not have gotten our troops over seas at that time. We are the reason for our short comings.

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