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Monday, September 17, 2007

God loves the Atheist!

We has Christians seem to be disgusted with atheist and their entire view. We are wrong for that. We have no right to be repulsed by another human being. We sin just as much as they do. God loves the man or woman who is atheist just like he does the man who sits beside you in church. We should not look at them and say
"I just get so angry when they are talking about God like He isn't real. They bash Him and beat Him down every chance they get. I would just like to..yada yada...!"
Wrong for that. I came across a Christian site that was more atheist blasting then witnessing. We are wrong for that. We should love them. My Dad has slightly different views then I do but it doesn't change that he is still human, my Dad , and my friend. When Atheist put up their blog sites, and you cannot help but go there, then don't go open a blog site to rip theirs apart. I know they don't mind. It could concern them less.
They are not stupid, not all rebellious teens, and not all of them hate Christian people. Love them like you love the person who prays with you. So you don't see eye to eye. Okay do what is right and show them they are people and you love them. Let God deal with the things they do. I will even be so bold as to give you a link to a blog site that I read from time to time. Spanish Inquisitor . This man is intelligent and will talk to you about what he believes. You won't agree with 99% of his blogs but it will make you search for answers(and not just using Google to type in a few words). You will come out stronger and have more faith. You will also learn from people like him that atheist are not out to kill you. God cannot be stopped so you don't have to worry about that. If you want to make a change then show them that you know God lives not just through comments but also through you understanding. Ask him about his header. Interact with him and other atheist. If someone gets rude then brush it off. The man has never been disrespectful to me nor my site.
Go and love because God loved you first. Loved them like you want to be loved by others. Don't kill the love of God by not showing it.


Spanish Inquisitor said...

Imagine my surprise...

Yes, readers of this blog, come on over. Join the fun. We have a book discussion group going. Next up is "Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore. Check it out, here.

It's a funny book. And Christopher Moore is a wonderful, funny writer. You might also like his Christmas story, "The Stupidest Angel".

Joe said...

Also you might want to check out

Or my blog. ;-)

PhillyChief said...

PhillyChief 58:13 Like as the cricket pitieth Dumbo, so doth man pitieth them that credit a dream for their flight or fall.
14 For he knoweth their fears; he remembereth that they are dust
15 As for crediting a god, those days are as grass: as a weed of the field, so it flourisheth
16 For the wind of reason passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place shall know it no more.

We love ya all, too. :)