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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Early iPhone Buyers Feel Ripped Off.

So today Apple apologized for a price drop of 200 dollars off of the iPhone. Customers are extremely upset at the price drop. Steve Jobs(founder of Apple) is going to cut a check for 100 dollars to all those who bought the 600 dollar 8 GB iPhone.
Why? This is what technology does. If you buy a cell phone and it goes on sell two months after you buy one why complain? The holiday season around the corner you should wait. I didn't see the price drop coming this fast and that deep but with any product that is introduced to the technology field you will find that it drops in the price over time.
I myself am not a fan of Apple. They make gadgets and gizmos. Okay that is cool but what does the iPhone offer that any other cell phone or palm pilot cannot? You could get a phone and a palm pilot of around half the price of the iPhone when it released! Most cell phones are MP3 players, have browsers, are camera phones, and even have some better features than the iPhone. The iPhone's keyboard is too crammed for my liking. For the touch screen to work like it does with a 90 rotate video player(you turn the phone sideways to watch movies) then it should have plenty of room for the keyboard. It doesn't, they really just crammed it in there in the up right position(don't believe me then go to AT&T and try out the display phone, it is very difficult to press the keys you want to at times).
A full screen is nice but other phone (like some Samsung models) offer the same size screen, the touch screen is nice but palm pilots have these! I like the iPhone all in all but and think it is a more reasonable price for it. However I don't see why people are getting made. It all levels out. The Blackberry Pearl charges and additional 20 bucks a month for Data/Text. The iPhone doesn't. If you do the math in a two year contract you would save 240 dollars. It all comes out about the same if you ask me.


Jon Clayton said...

Enjoyed your blog. Keep it up!

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Thanks Jon. Come back anytime you like. God bless you.