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Monday, September 3, 2007

Real Quick! 10 Great Open Source Programs I Love!

1. AVG Anti-virus protection- Free virus protection doesn't get any better. Run your daily scan quickly and not bog down you PC. Check both incoming and outgoing email. AVG is updated daily. It always as been and always will be free to you and me.

2. Ad ware 2007- Ad ware is lame on many different levels. Using Ad ware 2007 will help you to track it all down and exterminate it from you PC with ease. Very good easy to read and understand interface.

3. Open Office- like Microsoft Office? Try this! Open office is an off line (Google offers a great online service if it is a must for you)office powerhouse. You get power point, presentation, spreadsheets, math, and a word. Not bad for an open source software. Even better is that it opens and red all M.O. files.

4. Mozilla Firefox- Safer browsing, build in spell check, hundreds of add-ons, themes, tweaks, and tools to use. The interface is second to none.

5. CCleaner- Tired of running down junk, deleting it, only to find it some where else on your PC? Want to really get rid of them? Use CCleaner to knock them out of your PC's life!

6. Ram Booster- Monitor your Ram and optimize its running. Be careful though. You may send your Ram to the after life if you tweak too much. Let the program use auto if you are not sure what you should set it to.

7. PC Decrapifer- Tons and tons of junk is stocked up on your PC when you get it from the factory. This is the only program I know of that uses a built cache that identifies most of the junk they like to clutter you hard drive with. Destroy them and then run CCleaner to ensure you rid your PC of any excess trash.

8. Infranview- Simple photo manipulation software that will give you more tools than most Commercial software will. If it needs to be done Infranview can do it.

9. Pivot- Okay so maybe you have some spare time and would like to dedicate it to the old way of killing it. Stick figures. This software allows you to be make flawless movies that are all about the stick men.

10. Windows Movie Maker 2.0- Numerous transitions to play with makes this is one neato! You can tweak your video to the quality of a small Indy film to entertain you family on the next great get together. Add music, speed up or slow down frame speeds. You can do it.

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