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Sunday, August 5, 2007

17 Evidences Against Evolution

To look into one of these tops ( you really should) click here or here or anywhere on this post that you see the hand!
1. Moon Dust
2. Magnetic Field
3. Fossil Record
4. Embryonic Recapitulation
5. Probability
6. Second Law of Thermodynamics
7. Vestigial Organs
8. Fossil and Fossil Fuel Formation
9. Punctuated Equilibria
10. Homology/Molecular Biology
11. Dating Methods
12. Dinosaurs
13. Sun's Diameter
14. Nile River's Overflow
15. Earth's Rotation
16. Written Record
17. The Bible


Writer, Splinters of said...

Do you mind if I cross post this at my blog? I ask, because due to the nature of the post and the regular visits of some (not all) Atheists to my blog, it could produce recoil for you here.


Blog Guy said...

I actually got it from a friend of mine. Me and him talked about the evidence and we both thought it would be a good post. I have picked up one of the Atheist that visits your blog and I must say that he is not a friendly person at all.
Feel free to post it or anything else you see here. I use a few of yours post now and then. I promise I don't steal them though. I normally just copy a sentence then direct them to your page. You can just post it and don't even worry about any links to my page.I am not the type to get upset over things like that. Keep up the great blog. I really enjoy it.

Writer, Splinters of said...

No problem. Thanks.