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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three in one and all the same? What?

The Trinity. If there was ever a more confusing aspect of God I do not know of it. However I think we make it to complex. Below you will see three examples of things that I have found/thought of that make it a little more common and maybe easier to see how it works. No this is still a confusing subject so don't worry if you don't get it. I don't most of the time.

1. Michael Jordan

2. Time

3. 3 in 1 printers.

Now lets see how we can relate them to the way the Trinity works...
1. Michael Jordan. This man played basketball. He also played baseball, and yes he even plays golf. Now when he played basketball he was Michael Jordan. Baseball? Michael Jordan. Golf? Michael Jordan. He expressed himself in three different ways. That however never changed the fact that he is M.J.. He doesn't change who he is just because he has different ways he can work.
2. Time. We have time in three forms. Past, present, and future. Just like Michael all three are time but they exist in an entirely different way. They each are used to measure time. We refer to past experiences, things we deal with today, or tomorrow as the same element. Time. God was manifest into the flesh(Jesus), remained in heaven(God the Father), and lives inside of us(the Holy Ghost). All three are God just expresses in different ways.
3. 3 in 1 printers. Same concept as number one and number 2. The printer will preform in three different modes, printer, copier, and scanner. This changes nothing. It is still a printer. God died on the cross, governs all things from heaven, and stays with us. That changes nothing. He is still God.

Now all three of these point to the same answer and are not that in depth theology you were probably hoping for but it really helped me to understand it a little more once I saw that working in three separate forms but still be the same is not all that uncommon. Hopefully it may have helped you too.

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