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Saturday, August 4, 2007

I give you all a new commandment!

So, lately I have been writing alot about love and marriage and personal matters. I got to thinking alot yesterday about love and a thought that I had thought before came to mind. It is from the scripture....
"So now I am giving you a new commandment, Love each other. Just I as I have loved you,You should love each other." John 13:34 (Words of Jesus)
No when I first heard this scripture it didn't strike me as weird. It was only after a while that I saw something. This is not a new commandment. We have always been told to love each other. Every one knows that.
So what is this. The Bible does not contradict itself! What is this?
And then it hit me. Just like so many other things that Jesus did while He was here He changed some thing in the previous commandment. He is the reason for the fulfillment of the law and though it is unspoken I take from this scripture that He is the one who revolutionized love. Jesus did not say that love was the new concept now did He?
The way we view love and the way that He created love is a different thing. Our love screams out what can you do for me and how soon can you do it? Then we have Jesus who tells us that our love is not good enough. We need to follow His example. Jesus was the light of the world in all aspects. Mainly love. We were created for love, by love, to love. When Jesus came and laid down His life for us He should us love. To be a Christian means that yo have to give up certain things and those that we hold on to make pour love of nothing.
Our love until the time of Jesus was the law. Keep it and you were a friend. Violate it and you would face server punishment if not death. Jesus says no with this comment that He makes. Jesus yells to us to forgive other, show mercy, help people.Do what your part is in God's plan and things will go alot smoother for. The main thing is follow the examples of Jesus and not the laws that kept us from seeing the end this world and the new of another. Show peace, mercy, and charity. That goes along way to getting back to right with love.

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