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Monday, August 13, 2007

Christians love to sit on their hands...

Well we do. Every Sunday we go to church. Every Sunday we go through the motions. We say the same exact things over and over and over again. Like
"Most people come to church on Sunday's and leave it at here. You cannot even tell they are Christians."
"God knows what is in my heart."
"We all fall short."
or how about..
"I wish I could find the time to go and do mission work. You know go some where and help the children. It doesn't have to be big.Just maybe go downtown to the shelter and hand out some stuffed animals. I wish I could find time and the money to go do that. My schedule is so packed. Hey I meant to ask you, are we still on for golf this Saturday?I just got my new clubs. They cost an arm and leg but they are sweet."
Shame on us. Every Sunday we go into church with the same motivation to praise God as the week before. Which is hardly any if that. When it comes time to leave we leave it there.
So maybe you pray before you eat. You might read a couple of Bible verses. Lord you might even smile and say God bless you to all those you meet. That equals nothing most of the time. Most of the time we do it out of habit and not respect for each other and love for the Lord. Get off of your hands. Take you Golf clubs back to Dick's Sporting Goods. Go to Wal-mart and get your 300 dollar clubs.Take the other 1,000+ and go buy those stuffed animals. Do what you say.
Oh and m\one more thing. When you do go and start a ministry...STAY ON FIRE!! Don't forget why you started it. Keep going. If it seems like you may never have any help from any body in it then just stay the course. Take care of the children, visit the elderly, feed the homeless. Do your job. Show the love of Christ through live, new,fresh actions.Enough of the sitting on you pew and having events at church to bring people in. Go and and take Jesus to the streets.
He paid a price way to big for us to hide the light. Thats what we are doing. We are not shining. We are dim and hid in the dark. Get bright! Enough is enough! Get it in gear! This means you and me and our neighbors! Everybody! Don't just say you work for God. Go and do it!

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