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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fulfillment- (Premarital Counseling)

Don't you love that your wife or husband is the part that completes you. She or he makes you feel fulfilled. Right? Wrong my friend! You spouse cannot fulfill no more than you can fulfill yourself. Like when you go out and by stuff but you still need more stuff so you keep on buying and buying. It will never end. You cannot be satisfied. You will always want more than yo have. It is the same way with you wife our husband.
Lets break it down. Men your wife is going to fail you. She is going to disappoint you. Dinner may be bad one night, the house a wreck, the clothes not folded, or she may actually lie to you. Ladies your husband is going to want to watch the game while you are cleaning, he will fall asleep on you new couch with in a week, his socks will not be turned right side out when you go to wash them, and you know what...? We will forget on of those holiday's that you think we should be able to recite in our sleep(friendly joke, we should know those dates).
Here is my point. you are going to let each other down alot. If it is fulfillment you are looking for you should not hold you breath. Fir you will turn blue and pass out. Fulfillment is not deserved. We are deserving of hell because of our sins. God never sad that we should live a life of complete enjoyment.We are told of hardship and trials. If you want fulfillment you better find Jesus. Because no person, place,or thing will give it to you ever. People are not fulfilling.Only Jesus is.

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