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Friday, August 31, 2007

Proof That Atheist are Afraid....

The follow was found a blog site called Spanish Inquisitor. This is more proof that the Atheist Regime is running out of thoughts and misread facts. They are now turning to a more comic approach to make them seem less anti-everything and more fun( no joke intended but this is a pretty stupid thing to photo shop).


PhillyChief said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John - Evolutionary Middleman said...

Proof that Christians are afraid -

"This comment has been removed by site administrator"

LOL! And, please, no justifying on grounds of "inappropriate". I know PhillyChief and there's no way he said anything that was so unacceptable that you couldn't have it on your comments.

By the way, I think you meant to say the "following" was found on a site called Spanish Inquisitor.

I'm sure John appreciates you giving him a nice plug!

PhillyChief said...

I didn't know I was part of a regime. Neato!

Just to clarify, we're not anti-everything. We're not even anti-imaginary things like Darth Vader or deities. We find some of those characters quite entertaining actually, only we understand they're works of fiction.

Most of the atheists I meet are pretty funny, so comedy is not a new tactic in case that's what you were thinking. In fact, throwing off the shackles of dogma I think makes you a more amicable and jovial person, which predisposes you to comedy. :)

Btw, I don't believe that image was photoshopped. There are a variety of stickers like that available in stores and online at places like the Freedom From Religion Shop.

Have a nice day

Blog Guy said...

John actually it should read "the above".
Inappropriate is in the eye of the beholder. If you comment on this blog you attack the topic of the post. Not the typing errors. To make a rude comment about ones errors in typing ability is not needed and viewed as a cheap shot. Not allowed. I wouldn't allow some one to do the same to anyone who post a comment on my blog. Part of the perks of a blog is being able to work on your typing on a daily routine. The errors have really gotten better since I started to blog on Swap Blog( a much better blog than mine, although most of what you will find there now is my topics due to the administer taking time off)and I believe they will continue to get better.
I know that Phillychief is not concerned at all with what I think of his blog but my style is not to focus on the negative that so many people do. Hence although we surely do not see eye to eye on God I can compliment on his blog without focusing only on what I disagree with.
Phillychief I am aware that not all atheist anti-everything. I am aware that most are not anti-God but seeking proof that God is real(too bad science cannot prove it, nor can science disprove it). The regime comment is was a joke. I thought some one might like it. It would make a catchy blog if you ask me!
"The Atheist Regime"
I also do not look at you has morbid, mindless, people at all. If most people spend as much time seeking God as most atheist spending trying to disprove Him they would find him and be able to obey Him.
You both are welcome to comment here. Like I stated though no one on this blog will comment on another persons faults as we all have them and there is no need to point them out. Thanks for your feedback!

PhillyChief said...

I would say most atheists really don't care if people worship deities. That simple fact has no bearing on my day. It's the stuff that comes bundled with that belief like desecrating the Pledge of Allegiance, slapping that motto on the currency, trying to put icons on government property, polluting science classrooms with creationism, wasting political debate time on faith, the historical atrocities, the President invoking "god" and "crusade", 9/11, and so on. THAT'S when we have a problem and we'll go to the heart of your basis for doing whatever it is you're doing which infringes on others - the foundations of your religion.

If you all were like the Amish in that you just believed what you believed and left others alone, there'd be no fight and no "atheist regime". The whole basis of atheism is reactionary. Where else do people have a word for their non-belief? We don't speak of a-leprechaunists, a-unicornists, or anything equally imaginary. Likewise, we wouldn't bother professing a-theism if there wasn't rampant theism imposing itself on our lives.

I'll let you in on another bit of info - it's a big world out there and posting online means you're open to a world of comments, pro and con. Don't fight it and get upset with criticism, even if you think it's mean. Just roll with it.

Blog Guy said...

Brother it is a big world out there and this is not my first blog. I am aware of different opinions and fine with them. Also it is such a big world and there are enough blogs out there with negativity in them that mine does not have to be one. Nor will it be. Bottom line. Civilized conversation and debt are just dandy. Low blows are another issue. Not here. there are millions of web sites out there were people are allowed to say whatever they like to who ever they like. Not here. This is my blog and people will act like they should toward each other.
There are some areas that I don't go "cramming my beliefs"(as it is said) down other peoples throats. I stay on my page and travel to a hand full that understanding and grateful of a different opinion. If you want to see beliefs pushes on people then go to a communist nation. In America it is not that bad. I have a problem that when my kids get to school they will be taught evolution and not creation. That is where it is my job to fill them in on what I believe and trust them to make there own choices. If my children chose to be atheist I will not disown them like countries without freedom of religion.
Their is post on my site that link to a blog where the motto "In God we Trust" is defined as being allowed to be on the money and in our motto by the constitution. You should go check it out. You don't have to agree with it but it is true. The government is allowed to leave it on money or keep it in the pledge. They will be until the constitution changes.

PhillyChief said...

Creationism is a belief, and belongs in belief class.
Evolution is science, and it belongs in science class.

The motto and Pledge edit were overzealous reactions to Communism. They're both very intolerant to non-believers as well as polytheists like Hindus. FYI - you realize the US hasn't won a war since those changes? Maybe your god isn't too keen on his name being invoked like that. The Confederates did it and look what happened to them. Not good. You should read FDR's opposition to invocations like that. I believe he found them sacrilegious.

John - Evolutionary Middleman said...

Blog Guy said: " God is real(too bad science cannot prove it, nor can science disprove it)"

And he is absolutely right.

However, I'm guessing he draws the wrong conclusion from this fact. PhillyChief mentioned Leprechauns and unicorns. Science can neither prove or disprove them either. That doesn't mean that folks who believe in unicorns are on an EQUAL footing with science. They are not. It becomes a matter of probabilities. The odds are overwhelming that there is no such thing as a "creator" of the universe - even though science can't disprove one.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

BG's not a bad guy, as theists go. He doesn't go around proselytizing or imposing his beliefs on anyone, unlike a certain President we all know and ...ummm...dislike.

But, BG, when you run a blog so blatantly Christian, (and therefore self delusional, at least from an atheist POV), then you better develop a thick skin, because you will find that someone will seriously disagree with something you say, and will probably refute you with a cogent argument, much like I tried to do here.

I understand though that Phillychief asked whether English was your second language, and you deleted his post. I didn't see it, but if it was phrased as a question, I don't see why you felt the necessity to remove it. A better response would have been to simply answer him.

Deleting an atheist's comment on a thread entitled "Proof that Atheists are Afraid..." will certainly get tongues wagging, and doesn't do much for your credibility.

Blog Guy said...

Spanish for a little while you have visited with me. It was not a question but a statement involving an exclamation mark. A thick skin I have. However this will not become a worldly blog where any one will be personal attacked or criticized. That is not what this blog is about.
You comments are not in agreement with my beliefs but you represent yourself in a mature, adult manner. That is asked of all my guest. If some wants a debate then lets go. If some one wants to be bluntly rude then I will not allow.
I welcome any comment or debate that doesn't involve personal attacks on me or my guest. I will delete all that are. Christian of atheist I will. It had nothing to do with Philly being and atheist.
If Philly or John want to attack God they can. I do not have to take up for Him. He is bigger than me He can handle Himself. However like I sad personal attacks on me or my guest is not allowed on this site. That was not a question He asked. He read my blog and no doubt observed the location, the writing on profile picture,and read other post. All of these would lead up to Him knowing that I was American and by that English speaking. His exclamation mark gave it all away.

PhillyChief said...

I don't remember using an exclamation point and I don't know why I would. It was a question. It's gone now so I guess you can claim anything.

Blog Guy said...

I didn't lie on you. So don't even attempt to make that claim. I claimed what the comment read. You used and exclamation point bro.

PhillyChief said...

It's one thing to delete. It's another to delete and falsely claim what was there. Before you even made this claim I posted on my site what I wrote.

Look, you took offense to the question so it's natural for your memory to be colored. I can understand that. I'd rather not think you'd willfully lie. You just made a mistake. Everybody does it, that's what always frustrates the police when they have so many varied eyewitness testimonies. Emotions affect how the memory gets written or something.