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Friday, August 24, 2007

Why I Believe.

I believe because a life with out God is a waste of a life. If life is all there is then that opens the door as to why we are here. I don’t believe that we are here to be a happy person for only a short time and then die. I can’t begin to tell you the sorrow that comes from just thinking this is it.
I believe because I see God. I read his word and know that what He said has been true in everything I have ever done. He wrote about my life and yours before we were ever born. Thousands of years ago the Bible was given to us and yet to this very day it remains true and not outdated. Yes the surroundings have changed but the truth and the principles are still true every bit today has they were then.
I believe because nothing else has put in my place like God has. He doesn’t play games. It is serious. Heaven or hell. Life or death. Good or evil. We have a choice to make and it is the biggest choice that we could ever imaging. God doesn’t play.
I believe because love is present. We don’t see it all the time but even in the darkest hours that we face. Even when people are killing each other because they can. If we look close enough we will see the love that God sends to us in every form. We are not capable of that, only God is.
To believe is to have faith that we are not just an big chain reaction that is the result of billions of years of evolution from creatures that are still present today(doesn’t make sense to me at least). Life is bad. People are cruel. To think that this is the only good that I will ever see is grounds for insanity. No I will believe. There is more. There is God.

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