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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Faith vs. Unbelief

What I have recently learned on my blog while speaking to Atheists:

1. Acceptance of science’s theory of evolution is not belief that it is actually true, but merely holds that it is the best theory science has. The word “consensus” is used, meaning “opinion”, which cannot be used as authoritatively fact.
For the full story click here (link and post originate from Splinters of Silver

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John P said...

Yes. I read that on his blog, and even left a long comment. He's trying, but he's not quite there.

Don't equate consensus with opinion. They are not the same. Consensus in this context is simply where a majority of scientists have looked at the evidence and are in agreement that the evidence so far points to one theory as an explanation. That doesn't mean that it is mere opinion. It means that the best minds on the subject are in agreement. That counts for far more in science than one person's opinion.

Science doesn't "prove" anything. It simply finds the best explanation. Come up with evidence that better explains it, and the consensus will change.