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Thursday, August 2, 2007


I will not be posting any blog on Friday August 3, 2007. I want to take time away from my PC and think of the better things in life. Like oh say, life it self.
On a day like today I am certain that I will remember the tragic events that took place in Minneapolis. It is a said thing happened. I am certain that I will remember it like I did the day 9/11 happened, like Columbine, like Oklahoma city, or more recently Virgina Tech.
It may not have as high as a death toll as some of those but what is to be remembered is that it is one of those days were people are shocked. We say this shouldn't happen. What went wrong? Why did this happen? If you are like me you believe in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and all the truth that the Bible speaks about. The said part is this. People are lost. People die that are lost. There is eternal life and it is one or the other, really good or really bad. Once you have no more life it is too late. No take backs, no re dues, no I wasn't ready. Life is serious.
We have blessings in this. A school bus with I think I heard around 50 kids on it fell with the bridge and all were alive. Only two lanes of the bridge were open. We see blessings in this. Even though the sorrow covers our eyes we can still see it could have been worse. Alot of people were spared. Thank you Jesus for that.
I pray that we not point fingers at what went wrong when we find out the cause of this all. I pray that we learn to love each other so that we can forgive.Not the type of love we know(the feeling of love) but the very action of love. Loving some one or something even though you are angry or sad.
Sadly this does happens. Lets not just say too bad, or 9/11 was worse. I about cried when they killed Saddam. I went to a "Christian website" were a the blog owner had posted the video and placed a caption under it reading this....
"Lets see if those 72 virgins come to save him from hell!lol."
How terrible are we? We should all be grief stricken.Yet the world was rejoicing! Saddam died. He went to hell. He never, ever, ever accepted Jesus. When we cheer for that we cheer for satan. When we are not affected by the death of the eternally lost we are saying to satan that we don't care. There is no love in us. Wake up guys! Lets fight for the lost. Lets mourn for those who won't be going inside the gates.
Jesus wept and so should we. If not with tears then with the spirit we are blessed with. Realize that everyday is a gift. We have a task to do. Preach the gospel so people do not die in sin. One day when I get to heaven I will look around and I know there will be people I lived with my whole life that I don't see there with me. I fear that I will find out that the very man I worked beside for 10 or 15 years will not be in heaven and I had the chance 5 to 6 days a week to sow a seed. How accountable am I? Completely if I never try.
With that said I am taking tomorrow off of has much as possible to praise God and to pray to him to allow me to serve him better. To serve others better. I am about to write a short prayer on this post and I ask that you pray it with me, for me, you , and any other who reads this or needs this( that would be everyone I know). When you are done you can comment to say amen, add on more to the prayer, or not do anything after you pray. Even if you don't agree with everything I said or have ever said you can pray this one with me.Thank you and God bless you.
Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for this life. Everyday is truly a blessing. I pray that you give the family s of those who died today comfort in your arms. I know that all things work together for the good and I just pray that whatever reason you allowed this to happen for, that you allow us to see the good and obey your will even when we don't understand. Please use this to lead others to you.Open the eyes and the hearts of lost. Recharge my spiritual battery and let me do your will here on earth. Thank you so much. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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