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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Benjamin Rush 1743-1813

Benjamin Rush 1743-1813

So I read (in the book “Under God”)a little bit about this man who was an early leader, explorer, abolitionist, teacher,patriot,physician,and signer of the Declaration of Independence.He cured the deadly yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793.It claimed four thousand lives in one hundred days. He studied day and night until he rediscovered a cure through old manuscripts. It is estimated that he saved six thousand lives.

He established five universities and colleges.In 1791 he founded the First Day Society,an early form of today’s Sunday Schools. He also helped establish America’s first Bible Society.

He is known has the Father of Public Schools, he called for free public school supported by a property tax.He also wrote a pamphlet giving a dozen reasons for the Bible to be the central text book in public schools.Ending the pamphlet…”We spend so much time and money in punishing crime yet so little pains to prevent them. We neglect the only means of establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government;that is,the universal education of our youths in the principles of Christianity by means of the Bible…..equality among mankind…. respect for just laws…and sober and frugal virtues.”

Now this is how to leave a legacy. This man found truth and he held on to it. You have to respect that. I do. If we had the type of desire and love for God that he did then we would be able to accomplish goals beyond our wildest dreams. He did what he did with truth behind it. The times in which he lived may seem different but did he not face persecution from the Britain? Did God haters not assist? Did fighting for equal rights for all mankind at that time not cause an uproar( Slavery was very much alive in America at this time)?Was he family not in danger when he was away during the war?

Yes to all! We should strive to find faith like this man did. Remember Benjamin Rush.
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