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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Should women be submissive?(From premarital counseling)

Colossians 3:18-Married women, be submissive to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. (WEY version)
Alot of women see this and they begin to cringe at what they think it means. Mean who are little boys take this scripture as giving them power of their wives. Our society has built the word submissive up to be this horrible word. The world views it as a bad thing.
Some husbands think it means they have this control and their wives should cook, clean, have dinner ready for them, and watch the children even after they are home. They see it has the woman being the less important or valued partner in the relationship. This is wrong and it is where we men have fallen short.
Yes the Bible tells us that woman should submit to us but it also tells us what we should be. We should be men of God, making wise choices in all aspects, fighters to survive and provide for our families, we should also be men that our wives love to follow and trust to make good choices.
Just because we are to be the ruler of the house doesn't mean that we are to be dictators. We should hear the opinion of our wives and take what they say into consideration. If it is the best choice to make then we should go with it. That is what we are missing. We are trying to be leaders who won't learn.
Our decision in our homes should be ours. Ultimately ours alone. That is not saying that if you wife has a better idea we shouldn't go with it but we should make the choice to go with it. That is called making the choices and making them wisely.
Now women don't think I am saying you should be slaves. Not at all. You are created by God for God. You are valued. It is a sad thing to know that so many men have lead you to believe that being submissive is being a slave. Thats not it. You role as being submissive is to all your husband to make the final choice. To stand by him and help him along the way. Your role is not to slave, have children, and then answer to him. You should be cherished. You would have no problem being submissive to someone who wants the best for you and your family. Some one who will lay down their life for you and fight to keep you by their side. I am so sorry that so few of you have seen this in a man. It was not intended to be this.
It is my prayer that we learn that our marriage is no complete and will not last with out seeing each other as important and not a lesser person. We are all created in God's image. We should treat each other with the same care we would want God to give us. By these "men" being sexist you have been robbed.
You task it has stated above. Stand by your man. Let him lead you. Trust him to care for you. Before you are married you should ask your self. Can I be submissive to this man? IS this the direction I want to go? Were is he wanting to lead me?
These are important. To be submissive you must trust, love, commit, and understand why you are being submissive. It is because you have on caring for you who will take the blame for the mistakes and yet fight to take away what caused it.
Being submissive is letting you husband lead you into battle, into the future, and into all things you will ever face. I hope you have a great leader and one you can learn what really being submissive is. It should not be feared but desired.


Writer, Splinters of said...

Sounds like you are getting some good counseling. Too bad more people don't get it, talk about it, or look for it before marriage, instead of trying to find counseling afterwards while pondering the idea of divorce.


Blog Guy said...

I have really enjoyed the sessions. I would advise them to go and learn what they can. It has really been a blessing and helping me. While I know alot of what has been gone over it is nice to make sure that I understand it and have it embedded in my mind. I agree with you 100%. This counseling is for everyone. Before they get married they need to do it.
Thanks for you visit and I hope to hear back from you before long.