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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Alibi Network

“If you go stray, why not get away with it?…. Your partner will be spared hurt…..Keeping your affair discreet,keeping your marriage alive.”
It is a cover up for those who wish to cheat. This company,The Alibi Network in Illinois,really helps people cheat. It starts at $75.00 for a temporary untraceable number to a “full-cover alibi.”
They provide people with a fake hotel reservation, fake airplane itinerary,fake hotel answering service,fake work seminars,fake seminar schedules,fake seminar registrations and optional fake certificates of seminar completion.
Company executives say this…”It is a healthy deception-if you care enough to craft an expensive alibi,the logic goes, you must have some tender feeling for the deceived.If there was no demand we would have no company.We didn’t invent lying.We didn’t invent infidelity.We just found a niche in the existing market.”
Well first off it is not a market. It is cheating and it is not right at any time for any reason.Cashing in on peoples infidelity makes you have the sin on your hands. You are lying to people and destroying lives.You have made it more acceptable now than ever. This is what we have come to. We now have a company that helps people lie and get away with cheating.This is completely unacceptable to me and I know that my Bible says that it is unacceptable.
Hotel-$55 a night

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