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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making A Switch

So tonight is the night that I have chosen. I am not actually making a complete switch though. Linux Ubuntu Live CD will be my way of slowly moving into the O.S.. In the fall I start to school. I have become some what good at operating Windows(which is not that hard to do) and at trouble shooting and tweaking Windows( Which can be a challenge at time).
So I thought well I guess now it the time to start learning the Linux O.S.. There are several variations of Linux you can run but Ubuntu seems to be the most user friendly to date. I am now waiting on the O.S. to download so it can be burned to a disk. The cool thing about Linux is that it is no a pushy O.S.. It will not stomp out you Windows settings. You can run it at the same time as you run Windows.
This little trick is done by eighter booting up from a second hard drive or using the Live CD. In which case you just put it in the CD drive and then boot up.
Now dont think that this is just with Linus that you can maintain dual O.S.s. X.P. and Vista can also be run at the same time give you have the second hard drive.
The bottom line is that Linux is still and will always be gear toward programmers(which is a good thing if you ask me), but they are making it common user friendly which is fantastic. If you need to know about Linux the one thing you need to know is don't be afraid of it. If you are afraid to switch completely then use the Live CD or run it on a PSP. You will like the feaure that it offers. To learn more about Linux ( note I said to learn not to download, that is a choice that you chose. But I do want you to look at the other options that are out there besides Windows and Mac) copy and paste this link to your search bar --->

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