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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Glow In The Dark Christians

You remember when you was a kid and you got a glow in the dark toy, or poster, or some thing else that would glow in the dark. It made you excited. It was different. You could help but to love it. They are cool. I still like them.
I am about to be short and sweet. We need to glow in the dark as Christians. In order for the object to glow you have to hold it under the light. You have to let it charge.If you went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night you would notice your toy was getting dim if not unable to glow any at all. Why? Because you have to let it have the energy that it gets from the light fot it to be able to glow.
What does this mean to us. We have to put God’s word inside of us. It is what lets us glow. We have to hide God’s word inside of us as much as possible so that when we go into a dark place we can shine for God. The more we have in us the longer we can shine for God. The more of His word we have in us the longer we stand against the darkness. Little word=small amount of fight in us. Lots of word= much ground to stand on. Glow we must.

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