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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Get Out of There

When we face our problems why should we face them alone? SHouldn't there be more help for the needy? What is really going on wiht our elderly? Where is God? Where is the church?
The church the body of believers assigned to carry out His eternal will. To love one another has He has loved us. What happened to those people who used to help. Yeah the church on the corner has a food pantry.
All you have do is go them and .......
WHAT?!?! Direct disobediance. In the last statement that Jesus gave to them had a line that included this line "Go to the ends of the earth and preach the gospel!" The gospel is the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ lived for love and died for love. His love for us and yet we make those who are in need come to the building that we set aside to worship God.
Lets offend some people who are reading this. Jesus went to the poeple from the start. He left His kingdom in Heaven to come to Earth. Yet we are so stubborn has to refuse to even leave the safe haven we call church. There is a reason taht stories of Jesus are few and far in the Bible. Because He was not always in one. Nor should you be. Yeah some of you have that look on your face right now has you read this. I cannot believe he just said that. Well right it down. Leave your church every now and again and go out to serve. We joke about the people who only show up for Easter and The Christmas services but we never see what we fail to show up for. Buddy walks, helping those old people that are without help, visiting children's hospitals, praying with the homeless. Yeah we drive up and them a hamburger do we touch them? EWWWWW.... Yeah put your hand on their shoulder and pray for them. Get outside of that building and go kive the Bible. You enjoy reading it or keeping on your night stand. Try living it, breathing and sharing it. Not just with your Sunday school class but with those on the streets.
Ever heard people say I am a church going christian? They normal are smiling or has the old people call it "pop'n their suspenders!" Here is the thing. That is good you go to church. Nice work. Now try to be a Christ following christian. I bet you miss your pews and wish you would have bought some better walking shoes. Think about that for a little bit.

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