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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The only way to share my faith!

At on point in time I was willing to commit myself to the ministry of evangelism . I wasn't all that good at it. My grammar is poor. I lack the enthusiasm so want and don't have enough for other. So for about two and a half years I spend all my time cramming the Bible down peoples throats. Every word I said had to do with scripture. It hit me one day that the only person I ever lead to Christ was during a game of spades. Since then the approach has changed. Here is why……

1. People don not want to here a bunch of my mumbo jumbo.
That is it. We talk to much. We bore the crap out of them. Without trying we belittle them into thinking that we are dull and simple minded people who never have fun. I love the John the Baptist preaching but enough of it on the lost and they will go utterly annoyed at your constant rambling on and on. There are other ways you can share what you believe. And guess what? They can be somewhat fun for everyone!
I am the worst basketball player that has ever lived yet here lately I am finding myself playing it a lot. Why? Because those who I play with get to know me. They see that when I am fouled I do not get mad and cuss out the one who fouls me. When I fall I do not say those four letter words to show my distaste for what as happened. They see the way that I act and that speaks more than any words I could ever mumble. They get to see that being a person who lives for God is not always working and studying. We are allowed to have fun.
On that note I have had the honor of having three people help me lately in ministry fields that I have been doing solo for a while. Why are they helping? Because it is fun. We have fun sharing love with other people. They might not even know that by helping me they are fulfilling God's will. God is moving even if they don't know it. They way that they live is the way that we love God. We can teach other the will of God without telling them they are in His will. They have the same gift God that you and I do. We sense when we have done something good that has fulfilled God's will. That joy inside that burns to say "Yes! This is great I am helping. I am doing right!" Our conscious. It is a creation of God.
The Bible says that "Man's heart is wicked from his youth." We are not able to know what is right then. When cannot create right. Only God can. The sense that we are living in way according to His will on comes from Him. No matter if it is the Spirit saying inside of us that this is right or the Word telling us what to do. It is created by God. We shouldn't be so quick to thump them over the head with the Bible. we should be quick to show them right way to serve. This is the only way I have found that sharing my faith is a success. After all talk is cheap isn't it now.

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