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Monday, July 30, 2007

In all fairness to Intel

My very last post was a complete roast on Intel for their quad core processor and I was probably overly hard on them. So now I will making it up a bit and talking about what I do like about the Intel quad core.
Intel wanted to get it on the market quick and they made it happen. Yeah this was probably just so they could claim bragging rights and get their name in sync with the quad core for about a year before AMD even releases theirs. It is still nice to have the new CPU.
The big thing is that the AMD quad core makes alot of new changes that AMD should be trying to work out and work out fast. However it doesn't look like they will. The mobo you are using now...gone. You will need a bigger one to run the quad core cpu they are producing . Like wise you power supply... Get a better one. The days of 350 and 500 watt are winding down for a machines. AMD seems to be starting now. The powersupply that most users use in their home pc right now will simply not be able to run the cpu like it should and could even cause an oh-no. Your case that you just picked up for 165 to build your new computer. Forget about. You best have a heavy duty, large and in charge style if you even want to stand a chance.Why? Bigger mobo + bigger power supply= bigger case. Yep thats true my friend.
While AMD is working toward a new direction it is going to mean three things for people. 1 Upgrade you main components, 2 buy a computer that is already has the specs and runs the quad core, or switch to Intel.
Now the plus side to the Intel quad core performance. While the actual clock speed for the Intel cpu is slower than AND's in most gaming and applications it proformed better than the AMD cpu.
Right now it is really sort of hard to really test the applications that you can run with a quad core because most of the applications you use right now had no way of knowing the quad core would arrive from Intel so very fast. So once the quad starts getting really pushed around we will see who will win out the Quad core battle.

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