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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Problem With Most Bloggers!

I am read blogs about "What makes a bad blog!?"
Well they all say it is those who blog for only about two weeks and then stop because they have received no feedback or have had people disagree with them.
Some say that it is random color patterns that make blogs less enjoyable.
While others say that it is the topics.
No all three of the reasons that you see listed above can make up for some. If you however want to know the real reason that I believe most people's blogs are labeled as "unsuccessful" is that some people are to nice.
People like to complain. Bloggers seem to do this too much. There is a difference between having your voice heard and then complaining,
Those who seem to complain too much appear to have a higher number of viewers. Why is this? Because people get along better when they both disagree about something.
EXAMPLE : Two people are filled with hate for each other. We will say that these two people are neighbors. They fight all the time. They both have no trespassing signs on their fences to let the other on know that they are not welcome. Both neighbor's have children. Their children get along well and behave well around one another. Yet this does not make any type of impact on the people. They go about not liking each other and not talking unless to yell for infractions on their space.
Now their is a problem. A new neighbor has arrived. They both despise him more than each other. Before long you see the two talking and planning ways to avoid and inconvenience the newbie. This is how the world works.

We cannot get along when we agree but if we both disagree we form an alliance to knock out or new threat. The world works this way and so does the sphere that we blog on. It is a sad fact that human hate is the same force that connects us.
Look at 9-11. A member of the KKK would soon enough join with a black man to eliminate the new threat then to just have made a peaceful world to start with.
SO the next time you are looking at a blog and say this " This guy sucks at blogging! All he is talking about is his kids and dogs. Are you really upset about the writing or the lack of relation to life that is in his blog. Nice guys finish last.

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