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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Rubber Duckie

How did the rubber “duckie” originate?Was it a childs Fantasy?A toy manufacturer’s marketing success? A sudden moment of divine enlightnment?
Ever the lovable figure, rubber “duckie’s” childhood years are shadowed with mystery. No patent exists for a first, defining rubber duckie.Hence the spelling of the “duckie” was never set in stone. Some say it’s “Ducky”, others say it “Duckie”. In a poll of more than 2100 votes it is close. 51% say it’s “ducky” while 48% say “duckie”. The other is not sure how to spell it. The expet though and most compelling is from Sesame Street’s Ernie. The follows of this children’s show say they agree with him. It is “duckie” for life.Who can argue with the expert?
Any way it comes from no rags to riches toymaker fairytale resides in the “duckie”No. Nothing like that.
The simple truth is that it appears that the birth of the “duckie” was a progression born from children’s affection for baby animal’s, brought to play in the bath in the most appropriate material-rubber-and the most inclined animal made for the water, The duck!
The first of these toys were made of dark,hard,solid rubber. Children enjoyed rubber ducks as early has the late nineteenth century.However, the “duckie” of today is much different than the “duckies” of past.
In January of 1992, a storm sent 29,000 of tese “duckies” into the ocean from a freighter breaking open the containers in the process.
After a day at sea, being carried around by the ocean currents. Oceanographers suddenly had a dreamily large sample of toys that would follow the ocean currents, giving scientist a better understanding of their pattern’s.Oceanographers now can better predict the drift of spilled materials, thereby aiding cleanup efforts.
We now have yearly races that are wacky yet the fastest growing fund raising scheme in the nation. they swim at a top speed of nine miles per hour and take anywhere from two minutes to two hours to complete the courses. The “duckies” finish and win prizes for their adopters.This is what can become of the love for anything that can come from a child’s heart.

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