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Saturday, July 7, 2007


Service-1. activity on behalf of a person. organization, or cause. 2. employment as a domestic worker. 3. military organization or the military. 4. favor. 5. session of public worship. 6. Set of matching dishes. 7. supply, maintain, or repair.
Now ignore all but 1,4 and 7. Why not number 5? Because I am not talking about having a Sunday Service. I am talking about before and after the service.
I am talking about the less so called glorified jobs of the church. Changing the sign, picking up trash before and after the service, sweeping and mopping the floors, pressure washing the pavemnet etc;. Thainks of that nature. Did you know that these services are just as important to the church as the preacher, Sunday school teachers, or other so called gloified positions. Your sevice is valuable to the Lord. On Sundays I watch a young lady go room to room and make sure the classes have coffee and that is beautiful.
Service is not great speaking all the time or being able to donate large sums of cash to the church. Service is doing what yu are able to do. An 8 year old cannot lead a Bible Study for the married couples class but he can hand out bulletins, or pick up trash in the pews. Service is doing what you can when the chance to serve arrives. Do the best you can and work for God. Don’t let it be so complex that you are unable to serve.
KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid.-This is not crude but mere truth in a brute form. Stop thinking so much and serve.

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