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Sunday, July 8, 2007

People are different. You should know this if you are able to read a blog. The catch to this is though is that we are created different yet equal. Think about that! How can two people who are completely different in thoughts, words, and actions be equal? What if their mouth is foul? He is equal to the motivational speaker that you find at the college and professional level.The bad driver is equal to the race NASCAR driver. It is true.
I am no better than anyone else. However I sometimes start to think I am and if I don’t watch it,I could fall into the trap believing that people have a higher value. We think of wealthy people as people we cannot replace and the poor as just another ditch digger.( Equal means we all have the value). And most of the time we are working toward a cause of the wealthy.
With out us ditch diggers the wealthy would have no foundation for their homes or company buildings, With out the rich? We need them to pay for the checks to feed our family. They need the building to work in. You see my point. We need each other. Lets start letting people see that.
“Strange is another word for Future Friend”def. given by the dictionary of Blog Guy!

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