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Saturday, July 7, 2007

And She Wrote.....

Ina Hughes wrote her story in the local newspaper the other day and wrote she wrote was stunning yet it should be expected by now. She was talking about Baptist who were meeting to discuss if gays should be allowed to become members of the Church. Now I agree that if some one is openly living in sin they should be restricted. Any sin at all that is known and no effort is made to repent then something needs to be done yet in a way that lines up with Christ’s teachings. She was against this and made the point that all sin is equal and if we do that than any one who struggles with sin could not be allowed to join or be baptized. I have to say that I do agree that we draw the line at what we like and what we don’t.
Then she said the thing that made me growl. “I don’t believe same sex relations are a sin anyway.But if they were it would make no difference in my view.”
Well she should probably read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.Then she would she starting with creation that it is man and a woman. Or maybe the fate of a couple of towns that were destroyed because of sin, one of them being sexual sin’s with the same sex. Or how about Romans 1:27…
“And then men,instead of having normal sexual relations with woman, burned with lust for each other.Men did shameful things with other men,and has a result of this SIN, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.”
Is that clear at all about what is. We have several churches who support gay relations.They are under the false images that God changes with the times. Well that is a lie of the times. We continue to slip away from God and the media provides no relief. We need to stop letting so much sin go hidden and call it like it is but we are to hate the sin love the sinner. God help the self proclaimed nation of God(The US).We are losing God in school, work, home, and slowly but surely The Church.
Thanks for your help Ina Hughes.

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