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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Purchased 1626 from local natives for 24 dollars in beads and trinkets.That was a pretty good deal right?! Well how about this for size….
If that would have been invested into an interest-bearing account ,compounding at just 8 percent annually, as of early 2003 you would have had….272 trillion dollars. You could buy the island of Manhattan all the building and everything that is in it and change left over to pick up a few more smal cities. So why aren’t more people investing in the future of there family with an IRA, Mutral Fund, some thing that bears interest?
Like I was until a few months ago most are ignorant to how it works. Saving for the future is the rewarding thing to do with each dollar you have to invest in something and can’t figure out. Oh and one more thing If you was to invest $2000 a year into an IRA,for seven years , in forty years it would be a retirement plan worth $944,641. Yeah that is a nice number.

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