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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Will God make me build an Ark?

A few weeks ago I went to the movies and watched Evan Almighty (FYI= This is nothing like Bruce Almighty. Evan Almighty is a really good movie with a lot of Bible history to it.) and I got to wondering? Why has God not ever asked anything of me like He did Noah?
I know that God promised not to flood the earth! I know this.
"I was thinking what would be my Ark? "
"What would be my flood?"
Then it hit me. BAM! It is so simple. Let me share with you what I picked up on.
Go does not need me to build an ark because Jesus is the ark! The flood that we face is so many things. Persecution, people, unbelievers, but mostly just my sin. I cannot survive these floods. I would never be able to escape the water. It would always be there soaking me, pulling me under, taking my very life.
That my friend is where the ark comes into play at. Jesus was sent to be that way. I can get on my. That would mean to follow Him. Once I am on there I can start calling others to join. My Jesus has made a way for me to stay above the waters. No matter how hard they try they can never again even spot my shoulder with the smallest rain drop from the clouds. I have my shelter, my needs, and my salvation in Him. How great it is to me saved by grace.
But now I was at a stand still.... God said he would never flood the earth again. I know the obvious meaning to that. Then I thought. Go will never doom mankind but what if we go to the water? That is meaning, to stay in sin and never get on the ark(Jesus). That is not God's doing! That is our doing. We allowed ourselves to be flooded with the sin. We bring about our own death. So we have to pick. Do I drown or get on my ark. I will tell you which one makes sense to me. I would be swimming today!

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