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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yo Momma Fool!

Yeah you heard those words growing up and you knew what it meant. Fight Time! You were ready! You would Yell Back “Don’t you talk about my Momma!” And the fist would fly.
Yet what if they talked about your Dad? You would not be so quick to fight would you? What about God? STOP BEING AFRAID! Muslims die for a dead God and yet we serve the only true living God and let people talk bad about Him right in front of us. You don’t here God’s name much unless yu are in Church or at Dolly Wood! When we do it is to the tune of God —- of Jesus——Christ!
It is time to grow up. Look them in the eye and tell them ” Hey man that is my Father you are Talking about! Easy?” Be a follow. No He doesn’t need your help but if love you God you need to stand for Him. Don’t let God be a word for the foul mouth fools of this world. Keep it Holy and Pure!

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