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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Four Rules To Make Your Browsing Safer

Below is a short list that will help to keep you safe from Internet crimes. Read and obey to ensure that your browsing does not become a crash course of things you should have known before you ever lay a hand in any browser.
1. Dump I.E.- Why do you ask? Hackers use the mainstream browser known as Internet Explore. Millions of people use it and that makes it candy for hackers. It is the law of averages. The people use a browser the more targets a hacker has. I use Firefox. Is great and updated constantly. It will reduce your chances of theft better than any other tip here.
2. Criminals tend to be dumb- When viewing sites if you notice alot of bad spelling, run on sentences, and just ignorant writing....BEWARE! Phishing is the root of many hackings.
3. Look for the Lock- If you type in your banks address and you are about to give personal information then look at the bottom right corner of your browser. You should see a pad-lock. It should be closed. If it is not then you may want to call your bank and try to have them e-mail you their link(most have no problem doing this). Then you just click and save the address to you bookmarks.
4. Watch where you are going- Lets say your bank sends you an email with it's url in it. They need you to respond to it. Think to your self? What should my banks url say? If you bank at Suntrust or Home Federal then there is a good chance the url should not U.K. or China in it.
5. Don't be dumb- Not trying to be rude but when you click on advertisement to get your free Sony Vaio F3 you sort of have it coming. Be smart.

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