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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Perhaps Today! Don't be selfish!

I once heard about a doctor that told people for years that they should be ready for Jesus,. He would tell them how He would come like a thief in the night. No one would know. He stressed being ready for Jesus to come back. On His wall he kept a picture that read ” Perhaps Today.”
This is beautiful. It tells the store of hope and of fear. Some are afraid of what will happen when Christ returns. This is mostly due to buying into movies like “End of Days” in which the second coming is focused around Satan coming and destroying the earth and all it’s people. Saved or not they all must perish. This is far from the truth.
The truth is that it will be a sad and tragic day for those who never had a relationship with Jesus. Those who do though will be taken to a place that is so much better it cannot be fully told through any words. The closet you can get is reading “Revelation” (The Last Book of The Bible) which tells of the rapture. However if you have the current thinking that it will be like the “End of Days” you may want to get a study guide or commentary because it is difficult to understand. Ask a church leader if you are still confused about it.It will be a great day for the saved though. Believe that!
I sometimes catch myself being selfish though. I say ” Lord I hope to see you return today.” I am SELFISH like that. There are so many people that are lost and need bell ringers to tell them of Christ and His love and His perfect plan for our lives. We need to be worried about others salvation and less about getting home A.S.A.P.. Perhaps today. We never know. Look for it but don’t be a selfish Christian. Be willing to work and be willing to go through the hardship of living for Christ.

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