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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Becoming Like Christ

If I don’t read the KJV I am sinning. If I slip up and sin and don’t run to tell others about my failure I am hiding an evil life. Today I was asked by my a friend of mine if I was going to attend the night service. I had no intention of doing so and told the truth right there before a small crowd of people.

Before I knew it another man stepped into the conversation. My friend asked me why not and to be honest my girlfriend was getting back to Knoxville and we needed to talk about stuff involving our upcoming wedding and a few other events we will be facing. This man steps up to bat and in a swift blow hits a foul ball. He responds to the question ,before I could ,to say that it is call “backsliding, most people my age do it.”

My blood started to boil and one thing came to mind when I thought I would speak out “Fruit of the Spirit!” I thought about what Jesus wants me to be like and before I knew it I was thinking of another topic besides the remark that had just cut me to the core.

I know you have heard others say “Oh that boy is a bad apple.” Then I thought ,what makes an apple bad? It can be alot. Some times it gets banged up in the hustle of trying to get to it’s place. Maybe it had a worm to eat it out. Perhaps it is just too sweet to ever be able to eat. Alot of things can make it go bad.

We are like this apple. We let things that are around us cause more damage than they should and we end up this battered up mess that is bitter and nasty to have. Or we let people’s words eat us from the inside out. Everything that was once enjoyed by others we have allowed to be destroyed by hate. Some times we wait to long instead of just acting.We become no good because what we are made to be never comes. Yes people do wait to get saved and never ended saved.Some just think to highly of themselves and never realize that they are to much to handle. Bad apples are not good to have.

I think that missing a church service to be with our loved ones is not being a bad apple. So let me get some one all bent out of shape.

My family comes before my local place of worship. I would trade a church building in a minute for the love that my family gives. I don’t have to be in a building to worship my God. I can worship Him any where. I would trade it in for any person I knew. Like them or not people are valuable than a building.

God before anyone or anything! My God comes before my family and friends however! God is not a building, He is not an alter, or a collection plate.God is greater than anything I think of and because of His love I would never put Him after any one or a nything.Something about God though is that God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worshp Him in the spirit. I come to church to fellowship and hear and learn about God. I can do the same thing at Krystal’s or at home. We put God in this box that is a church and say “People come to see you here God.”God is with people not buildings.YES people do but those who wish to be like Christ need to break the box and say from now on God is everywhere and they need to understand it. God is really at home, at work, in your car, in China. He is everywhere and you can follow Him everywhere.

I want to be like my God. I want to love, show compassion, be right in my motives, not lie, not tell rumors, not talk to people rude, and not put my Father in a Brick box that only the elite can see. I want to take God to the world. I want to worship God anywhere. Backsliding is giving up.Some do it more slowly than others and maybe some fall swiftly. It is hard to backslide when you are growing every day. You cannot go but one way. Forward or backwards. Not both! You follow and worship all the time no matter where you are or backslide. I don’t have to go to a building to love God more than I do.

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