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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Those Dirty Christians

This is a classic example of how some traditions should die off.

In the 1500's there was a huge debate over a serious issue. The issue…… Being naked is shameful! Now you know this. You wouldn't go out into public without any clothes on. I hope not. We however are not talking about being in public. We are not even talking about being in your house alone and not wearing anything.
We are talking about the type of being naked that comes from being in the bathroom. In the tub to be specific. Yeah no joke. It was so shameful to be naked that even being naked in the tub was shameful.
Now the logic goes that you would just bath with your clothes on. Sorry not these guys. They just made the choice to NOT BATH.
Yeah. That tradition needed to be thrown out.
Hear are some other fun bathing facts…………..

1. "Choo Kiko Waar" means were is the bathroom
2. Toothbrushes were made from Pig, Horses, and even Badger Hairs. Nasty!
3. The term B.O. came into play in 1920's with the deordorant "EverDry"
4. "EverDry" was the world's first deordorant and was released in 1902
5. That little curve in your toliets pipe that is shaped like a "u" is needed. With out it you would vomit
everytime you went to your bathroom. It keeps your toliet from backing up
6. "Classroom 100? is a another term for Bathroom
7. Newspapers and book pages were used for T.P. until T.P. was made(thats where the book on top of
the toilet came from).
8. Toilet Paper was first made in rectangles that were 3 foot by 5 foot. It was made for Kings.
9. People still use their left hand for T.P. in some parts of the world.
10. People spend over 2000 hours off their life in the bathroom on average.
Just thought you would like to know these facts.

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