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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Post Traumatic Moving Stress Syndrome

It has been two months since we closed and started to make our house our home. We have come along way but now we are hitting the stressful part. We are at end with each other at times. The title of this blog is Post Traumatic Moving Stress Syndrome. I believe that this is wha we are both dealing with right now.
We both now share a house.
We both realize that this is hand.
While we are happy to be together we feel a desire to have a safe room in the house.
We are not to used to the neighborhood.
Tired from 50 hour work weeks.
Then another 20 hours work on the house.
Plus the gym.
Really the best way I think to deal with the stress of living in a shared house is to stop working so much and go out sometimes. I am taking her to see the new Harry Potter movie this weekend and I believe that will reduce alot of or tension. It is stressful when you make these changes but remember that true love and concern will always out way the bad.

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