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Saturday, July 7, 2007

More Fun Bathroom Facts

Old Ben Franklin was good for more than we know. Did you know this is the man who brought the bath tub to America. He went to England to bring the first tub to America.

O.B. the name is familiar. You know what it is. These female hygene products have a name that is easy to remember. Do you know what the letters O.B. mean ? Without Napkin.
The birth of razor blades started around 1820, later on toward the 1900's we got closer to what we use. A man, who's name has for some reason been forgotten by me, developed a razor that had multiple blades. When the razor would get dull you would pop it out and another blade would pop up in it's in place from down the handle of shaver . This man was a soldier and got the idea from a machine gun.
The same mam who created the machine gun shaver also invented the electric shaver. He was in Alaska on military duty when he realized that shaving with the Alaska water was sort painful. I don't like shaving with cold sink water, let alone Alsaka cold water. So he made his second invention. The first electric shaver was a device that needed two hands. One hand required you to hold the motor while you held on tightly to the shaver to keep it steady. Some one bought this idea. And before long began to sell this state of the art, high tech, invention.

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