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Friday, July 20, 2007

Wii Time! Starting at 5:27P.M.

Yeah thats right. I managed to get a hold of one. I have only been able to play once since they were released in a place where I had to split it between about 15 people. I was left wanting more of the Wii. SO today as I sat at my desk I thought to myself....
"I must have one today!"
The next thing I thought was of all the people who have said that they are trying to get their hands on one and have been trying for weeks to months at a time.
So I did the only thing I could. I called several places. All sold out. The more places that I called and was told no Wii for me the more I wanted one. So I chose to take a trip with my girlfriend to go and find one. This worked out nicely because she ended up going in half. Turns out she wanted on just has bad as I do.
We went to Target. Target had been sold out for a few weeks they told us. Then on to Circuit City. They were nice. We could come back on Sunday morning at 9 am and stand in line for voucher. We think not. We then flew across the street to Wal-mart. They informed us that just about an hour ago they sold their last one. This was two blocks from where we spend the last 45 minutes.(45 because my girlfriend loves target's make-up collection) So they were awesome. They called another store bu no avail.
By now I was thinking "I will not have a Wii right now."
My girlfriend then picked up her phone and used 411 to get the Wal-Mart in west Knoxville. About two minutes later we racing down the interstate at around 75. They had one left. We made it to the store only after missing the exit. My girlfriend then tells me to drop her off at the front and she will go and get it,if it is still here.
She tells me I will run and get it and if need be fight some one over it. Now she never gets in a hurry. We are late for about everything. Not this time though.
Before I could stop the seatbelt was off and she was running into the store. I parked and started in. Every step I keep expecting to see her come back to me with her head down. I made it back to the electronic department to see her standing there while the guy handed her the Wii from the glass case. She was out of breathe and sweating.
Turned out she might have wanted one worse then mer. She ran all the way across Wal-Mart, almost knocked over a Mexican, but she got it.
Why am I telling you this story. I was hooking my Wii up at 7:06P.M. People spend months looking for these great machines. I was lucky to find one and be home in under 2 hours. I am happy about that and just wanted to tell you. Oh yeah and the Wii rocks!

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