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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pre-marriage meetings start tomorrow

What is the point? I don't know. All I can tell you I know is that it will save me about 50 bucks. So that is a good thing.
Now these are assumptions of what the meetings may be. I think it might be so that you can review what is about to happen and make sure that you both are ready for the wedding to go on. In this case I favor the meetings big time.
Did you know that the average marriage last a whole 7 years on average now and days? That is sad so any type of clarification as to the entire marriage and the for life answer that you will have to give is good.
Why shouldn't we be challenged to ensure that the choice we are planning to make is the one we really want to make and not a just a gust of courage.
Most engagements now and days are short. Which if I remember the right numbers they last less than six months then the wedding takes place. Now here is where I am going with that said.
Short engagements have equaled shorter marriages when you look at the numbers. If most people are going to rush into a wedding then there needs to be that small (if not large) event in between n which they have to sit down in a room with a certified clergy ( preferably the one doing the service)and have time to think about it and let it sit in. Maybe this should be a law to any one under the age of 24. I would go for it and I am 23. The marriages today are short lived in most cases and that is very very wrong.


Writer, Splinters of said...

I agree. I think the problem is we are not learning what it means to be married, husband, and wife from our parents at home (ouch, I know) and we are not being taught how to pick and look for the proper spouse (not just one we like to lust after), and we don't spend the time talking about the necessary things to one we are thinking about marring.

We wake up the day after, with someone we thought we knew, into a world we are scared of.

I believe we need more examples and more teaching on marriage, husbands, and wives before the age of marring (whatever age that is).

The break down of the family is not helping Christianity or humanity one bit. We have the guide Book, we just don't seem to use it.

I think this and discussions with the pastor are a good thing if done honestly and correctly.

Good thoughts!

Blog Guy said...

I am in 100% agreement with. Thanks for visiting with us. Come back to read and comment soon. Thanks.