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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why Lowes

The only reason I tell people to go to Lowe's for what they need is not the fact that I work through them. It is the fact that one of my biggest problems with myself is my low tolerance to poor customer service. It is a problem that I have been working to handle better. The fact that I tell people to go to Lowe's is the same reason I don’t like going to the rare visit of K-Mart.
Customer service is something that can be taught. Home Depot doesn’t teach it. I recently went to Home Depot and what I found was that it took almost 25 minutes to find an employee, who was out back talking on His cell phone,who said he could help me. The employee told me that item I needed, which was one(1) tube of white chaulk was on the top shelf, which meant that he had to get a fork lift. Problem! He was not certified to operate a fork lift. The kind fellow said to wait right here and he would return with some one who could drive the lift.
He did. Another man returned with Him and looked up at the top shelf. Yeah I will have to go and get a lift truck he said. So about now I am thinking “Did this guy think that we were lying to Him?” I waited though. After 15 minutes, I was close to being in the store for an hour now, I went to see where he had went. I located him in the back with the stock. He was talking about beer to a co-worker. So I started to walk off. The man saw me and made it to me when I was half way to the door. He told me that his boss had needed a minute with him and he would now go and find the lift and retrieve….”What was it you wanted again sir?” My only response was this”Lowe's.” Then I walked out.
Customer service makes a company. Home Depot likes to focus on people who buy in bulk. Home Depot and Lowe's are about the same when it comes to price of product. To go and into a place though and have to wait for an hour to get a three dollar product s unreal. I strongly suggest you save the headache you are sure to endure and go to where they like to help you.

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